Thin-Film Sensors for Detection of Formaldehyde: A Review


This paper reviewed the films utilized in formaldehyde gas sensing recently. They will be divided into 3 groups: 1) metal oxide semiconductor films; a pair of) polymer films; and three) carbon nanotubes (CNTs) films. Detection limits of these 3 groups were 1 ppb, one ppm, and twenty ppb, respectively. In metal-oxide-semiconductor films, the sensitivity of ZnO conductimetric sort sensor was right down to 1 ppb with the detectable response of 7.4. Polyethyleneimine/TiO2 was the foremost sensitive film with quartz crystal microbalance sensor in polymer films, which could detect one-ppm formaldehyde with the response (Δf ) of zero.eight Hz. Either multi-wall CNTs (MWCNTs) or single-walled CNTs, forming a CNTs film, had the upper sensitivity thus far, and therefore the MWCNTs-NH2 interdigital electrodes sensor exhibited 1.73percent relative resistance modification to twenty ppb of formaldehyde. The any research can be, however, required to deal with things of real scenario influences, like temperature, humidity, and interferents.

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