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Almost Instantaneous Fixed-to-Variable Length Codes

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Almost Instantaneous Fixed-to-Variable Length Codes


We tend to propose almost instantaneous fixed-to-variable length (AIFV) codes such that 2 (resp. $K-1$ ) code trees are used, if code symbols are binary (resp. $K$ -ary for $Kgeq 3$ ), and supply symbols are assigned to incomplete internal nodes in addition to leaves. Although the AIFV codes are not instantaneous codes, they are devised such that the decoding delay is at most 2 bits (resp. one code symbol) within the case of binary (resp. $K$ -ary) code alphabet. The AIFV code can attain better average compression rate than the Huffman code at the expenses of a little decoding delay and a very little large memory size to store multiple code trees. We additionally show for the binary and ternary AIFV codes that the optimal AIFV code will be obtained by solving 0-1 integer programming issues.

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Almost Instantaneous Fixed-to-Variable Length Codes - 4.9 out of 5 based on 15 votes

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