IGBT and Diode Behavior During Short-Circuit Type 3


A short circuit throughout inverter operation can result in the therefore-known as short-circuit sorts a pair of and three. The short-circuit sort 3 leads to an interaction with many current commutations between the Insulate-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and the antiparallel diode. The switched ON IGBT, conducting no current before the short circuit occurs, has no plasma within and can block any voltage. It behaves sort of a voltage-controlled current source, which can stress the diode by commutating the entire short-circuit current into the diode. An avalanche arises inside the diode, which can result in a destruction of the diode. The present through the diode determines dv/dt and makes the diode a dominating semiconductor throughout the short circuit. The present supply behavior of the IGBT can be verified with semiconductor simulations and measurements on a high-power three.3-kV IGBT. In the simulations, the IGBT is replaced by a current supply, which provides similar results. For the measurements, the gate-emitter voltage is varied to change the IGBT current while not influencing the collector-emitter voltage.

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