Multi-Source Cooperative Communication With Opportunistic Interference Cancelling Relays


During this paper, we tend to present a multi-user cooperative protocol for wireless networks. Two sources transmit simultaneously their info blocks and relays use opportunistically successive interference cancellation (SIC) in a shot to decode them. An adaptive decode/amplify-and-forward theme is applied at the relays to the decoded blocks or their sufficient statistic if decoding fails. The most feature of the protocol is that SIC is exploited during a network since additional opportunities arise for each block to be decoded as the number of used relays $N_textrmRU$ is increased. This feature results in benefits in terms of diversity and multiplexing gains that are proven with the help of an analytical outage model and a diversity-multiplexing tradeoff (DMT) analysis. The performance enhancements are achieved while not any network synchronization and coordination. In the final part of this work, the closed-kind outage likelihood model is utilized by a unique approach for offline pre-choice of the $N_textrmRU$ relays, that have the most effective SIC performance, from a bigger variety of $N_textrmR$ nodes. The analytical results are corroborated with extensive simulations, whereas the protocol is compared with orthogonal and multi-user protocols reported in the literature.

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