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Undersea laser communication with narrow beams

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Undersea laser communication with narrow beams


Laser sources enable highly efficient optical communications links thanks to their ability to be centered into terribly directive beam profiles. Recent atmospheric and area optical links have demonstrated strong laser communications links at high rate with techniques that are applicable to the undersea environment. These techniques distinction to the broad-angle beams used in most reported demonstrations of undersea optical communications, which have utilized LED-based transmitters. Whereas the scattering in natural waters will cause the beam to broaden, a narrowly directive transmitter will still significantly increase the optical power delivered to a far off undersea terminal. Using Monte Carlo analysis of the undersea scattering atmosphere, we have a tendency to show the 2 main blessings of narrow-beam optical communication: increased power throughput and decreased temporal unfold. Based mostly on information theoretic arguments, gigabit-per-second class links will be achieved at 20 extinction lengths by utilizing pulse position modulation, single-photon-sensitive receivers, and trendy forward error correction techniques.

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