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Robotic Cell Rotation Based on the Minimum Rotation Force

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Robotic Cell Rotation Based on the Minimum Rotation Force


During this paper, a robotic cell rotation technique primarily based on the minimum rotation force is presented to adjust oocyte orientation in biological applications. During this technique, the minimum rotation force, which will management the rotation angle (RA) of the oocyte quantitatively and generate minimum oocyte deformations, springs through a force analysis on the oocyte in rotation. To exert this force on the oocyte, the moving trajectories (MT) of the injection micropipette (IM), are determined using mechanical properties of the oocytes. Any, by moving the IM along the designed MT, the rotation force control is achieved. To verify the feasibility of this methodology, a robotic rotation experiment for batch porcine oocytes are performed. Experimental results demonstrate that this technique rotates the oocyte a10t a median speed of twenty eight.6s/cell and with successful rate of ninety three.threepercent. More importantly, this method can generate a lot of less oocyte deformations during cell rotation method compared with the manual methodology, while the typical management error of RA in each step is solely 1.two° (versus averagely 8.3° in manual operation), which demonstrates that our methodology can effectively scale back cell deformations and improve control accuracy of the RA. Note to Practitioners - Using an IM to rotate the oocyte is the foremost well-liked method to regulate oocyte orientations in many cellular biological applications. To rotate the oocyte precisely and scale back mechanical damages to the oocyte, the rotation force exerted on the oocyte should be estimated and controlled exactly. However, it is a challenging task and has not been resolved well. This paper calculates the minimum rotation force through the force analysis on oocyte and uses it to enhance control accuracy of the RA and limit the cell deformations. Using calibrated oocyte mechanical properties, the MT of the IM admire the minimum rotation force is intended. Then, by moving the IM along designed MT, the rotation force management is achi- ved online. This technique does not depend upon the force sensors and is realized on traditional micro-operation systems. As well as previous works, this technique is ready to work batch oocytes piecemeal. So, it can easily be applied in biological applications and replace manual operations.

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