The Use of a Railgun Facility for Dynamic Fracture of Brittle Materials


Linear electromagnetic acceleration contains a wide selection of applications. Among them are applications in the sector of materials science, where comparatively little, inexpensive systems can be of high worth. As an example, it had been shown recently at the French–German Institute of Saint Louis, France, that the symmetric Taylor take a look at—a method to analyze the deformation behavior of specimens at high deformation rates—can be realized with higher precision than attainable with other acceleration strategies employing a railgun with velocity control. During this paper, we have a tendency to gift another example for an application of a railgun in the sector of materials science, particularly, the study of impact phenomena and terminal ballistics. One amongst the major benefits of railgun technology is that the acceleration profile can be well defined at velocity ranges from very low speeds (<10 m/s) up to more than 2000 m/s—for one and the same launcher. Moreover, the geometry of a railgun projectile can be round, rectangular or, as in the case mentioned here, hexagonal. Finally, electromagnetic acceleration does not require the employment of propellants, that in the case of impact experiments may result in complications—at least for the experimental application presented. The quest is to check the ejecta field of fractured brittle materials at moderate impact velocities (

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