Research on the Combined Effects of Ionization and Displacement Defects in NPN Transistors Based on Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy


The properties of the combined impact between ionization and displacement defects are researched on the bottom-collector junctions of 3DG110 silicon NPN bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) irradiated by six MeV carbon (C) ions with completely different fluence. The Gummel curve is used to characterize the degradation of the present gain at a given fluence. Nonlinear relationship, induced by six MeV C ions with lower fluence, between irradiation fluence and BJT radiation response will be observed, that is attributed to the combined impact. Evolution of deep level centers is characterized by the deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) with numerous biases. An unusual discovery is that the deep level centers decrease in the amplitude of DLTS peaks with increasing the biases. Based mostly on the results of DLTS measurement, interface traps caused by 6 MeV C ions turn out apparent enhanced effect to displacement defects in the base-collector junction of NPN BJT. Meanwhile, two factors, together with bias used in DLTS measurement and irradiation fluence, can influence characteristics of DLTS signals caused by oxide-trapped charge. With increasing the bias or the irradiation fluence, each the peak and the temperature of the defect peaks induced by the oxide charge in DLTS spectra will increase, illustrating concentration and energy level of the defects are enhanced.

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