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Novel Joint Detection and Decoding Schemes for TDMR Channels

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Novel Joint Detection and Decoding Schemes for TDMR Channels


2-dimensional magnetic recording (TDMR) depends on advanced signal processing and coding techniques to enable storage of knowledge at higher densities. Varied detection and decoding schemes have been proposed within the literature. During this paper, a recently proposed joint detection and decoding scheme known as the joint Viterbi detector decoder (JVDD) is presented for TDMR channels. The JVDD operates on a trellis and attempts to search out a sequence in the trellis that belongs to a legal codeword with minimum metric. It will thus by employing a metric thresholding and parity checking technique over the same trellis structure. The iterative detector/decoder consisting of a soft-output Viterbi algorithm detector and low-density parity check decoder is employed as a performance benchmark for the JVDD. During this paper, we perform the comparison with numerous equalization/detection techniques consisting of: 1) a one-D general partial response equalization theme followed by a 1-D-detector as utilized in nowadays’s Partial Response Maximum Probability Detection (PRML) channels; a pair of) a 2-D equalization scheme that equalizes to a one-D target [fully equalizing away the intertrack interference (ITI)], followed by a series of parallel 1-D-detectors to handle the intersymbol interference (ISI); and three) a a pair of-D-equalization theme followed by a pair of-D detector to combat both ITI and ISI.

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Novel Joint Detection and Decoding Schemes for TDMR Channels - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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