Simplified PWM With Switching Constraint Method to Prevent Circulating Currents for Paralleled Bidirectional AC/DC Converters in Grid-Tied System Using Graphic Analysis


In this paper, a simplified pulsewidth modulation with switching constraint management scheme is proposed to eliminate the circulating currents for bidirectional paralleled ac/dc converters in grid-tied system. The proposed control theme can reduce the circulating currents and will not would like extra current sensors and communication device among paralleled converters compared with conventional ways. Therefore, the paralleled system price will be reduced. Yet, the current shaping and sharing between the paralleled converters will be well accomplished therefore that the performance of the paralleled converter system can be raised. Furthermore, the dc, ac, and self-generated circulating currents are clearly analyzed by graphics, and also the synchronous circulating currents are 1st explored. Finally, a prototype system is made, and also the proposed control scheme is implemented employing a Spartan-3E XC3S250E FPGA. Each simulation and experimental results verify the validity of the proposed theory and management theme.

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