Mobile-Projected Trajectory Algorithm With Velocity-Change Detection for Predicting Residual Link Lifetime in MANET


We have a tendency to study the estimation of residual link lifetime (RLL) in mobile impromptu networks (MANETs) using the distances between the link's nodes. We first prove that to compute uniquely the RLL, a minimum of four distance measurements are required. We have a tendency to also demonstrate that random measurement errors are the dominant issue in prediction inaccuracy which systematic errors are negligible. We have a tendency to then propose a mobile-projected trajectory (MPT) algorithm, which estimates the relative trajectory between 2 nodes from periodical measurements of the distances between them. Using the relative trajectory, the algorithm estimates the RLL of the link between the two nodes. For comparison functions, we derive a theoretical upper sure on the achievable prediction inaccuracy by any distance-based mostly RLL prediction algorithm with unknown however finitely bounded measurement-error distribution. To account for velocity changes, the MPT is enhanced with a velocity-amendment detection (VCD) take a look at. Performance evaluation demonstrates robustness in RLL prediction for piecewise-linear trajectory and multiple velocity changes throughout the link lifetime.

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