The Further Improvement of the Ionic Thermoelectric Generator


The power consumption in Information and Communication Technologies networks is growing year by year; this growth presents challenges from technical, economic, and environmental points of view. This has cause a great variety of research publications on “green” telecommunication networks. In response, a number of survey works have appeared as well. But, with respect to backbone networks, most survey works: 1) don't enable for an easy cross validation of the savings reported in the various works and a couple of) nor do they provide a clear overview of the individual and combined power saving potentials. Therefore, during this paper, we tend to survey the reported saving potential in IP-over-WDM backbone telecommunication networks across the existing body of analysis in that area. We do this by mapping a lot of than 10 completely different approaches to a concise analytical model, which allows us to estimate the combined power reduction potential. Our estimates indicate that the facility reduction potential of the once-only approaches is 2.three× in a Moderate Effort state of affairs and thirty one× in a Best Effort state of affairs. Factoring in the historic and projected yearly potency enhancements (“Moore's law”) roughly doubles both values on a 10-year horizon. The large difference between the end result of Moderate Effort and Best Effort eventualities is explained by the disparity and lack of clarity of the reported saving results and by our (partly) subjective assessment of the feasibility of the proposed approaches. The Moderate Effort situation can not be sufficient to counter the projected traffic growth, although the simplest Effort scenario indicates that sufficient potential is seemingly out there. The largest isolated power reduction potential is on the market in improving the facility associated with cooling and power provisioning and applying sleep modes to overdimensioned equipment.

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