Negative Differential Resistance in Dense Short Wave Infrared HgCdTe Planar Photodiode Arrays


A unique space-temperature negative differential resistance (NDR) effect is proposed, theoretically analyzed, and quantitatively modeled for short-wave infrared (SWIR) HgCdTe photodiode detectors in dense double-layer planar heterostructure arrays with a 2.five $mu textm$ cutoff at 300 K. The predicted NDR results from nonequilibrium minority carrier suppression—with associated Auger suppression and negative luminescence—imposed by dense array geometry beneath uniform reverse bias. Using 3-dimensional quantitative modeling, we evaluate representative dark current–voltage characteristics at totally different array pitch values. The predicted dark current and NDR ensuing from structural variations in junction radius are in line with the analytic dense array lateral diffusion current suppression model. The NDR result and its relation to geometric parameters ought to be thought of when trying to attenuate dark current in high-temperature SWIR HgCdTe photodiode arrays.

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