High- $Q$ Inductors on Locally Semi-Insulated Si Substrate by Helium-3 Bombardment for RF CMOS Integrated Circuits


A helium-three ion bombardment technique is proposed to understand high- $Q$ inductors by creating domestically semi-insulating substrate areas. A dose of $1.0times ten^13$ cm $^-2$ helium-three will increase a Si substrate resistivity from four $Omega cdot $ cm to above one $textkOmega cdot $ cm, which improves the standard issue of a two-nH inductor with a 140- $mu textm$ diameter by 38% ( $Q=sixteen.3$ ). An aluminum mask is used for covering active areas, and a minimum of fifteen- $mu textm$ distance from the mask edge is needed to avoid the p-n junction leakage. The proposed technique is applied to an 8-GHz oscillator, and an eight.5 dB improvement of the measured phase noise has been achieved.

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