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Track-to-track fusion with target existence

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Track-to-track fusion with target existence


Native tracking in litter initialises and updates true and false tracks. Native false track discrimination uses a track quality live to confirm most of the true tracks, and to terminate most of the false tracks. Confirmed tracks are transmitted for track-to-track fusion. The sets of tracks being considered for fusion might contain each true and false tracks. The authors assume that each track information additionally includes the track quality measure in the form of the chance of target existence info. This data is used for extra false track discrimination at the fusion centre. They also use this information to reinforce the track-to-track association. They propose 3 totally different methods for track fusion with the target existence data: the 'single target’, the 'joint multitarget’ and also the 'linear multitarget’.

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Track-to-track fusion with target existence - 4.8 out of 5 based on 46 votes

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