High-Power Pure Steam Plasma Torch and Its Temperature Measurements


We have a tendency to report the generation of a high-power pure steam torch plasma operated by a 915-MHz microwave and its temperature measurements. Steam from a steam generator enters the discharge tube as a swirl gas at a temperature of ~one hundred forty °C. This steam becomes a plasma forming gas and produces a stable steam torch plasma. The torch volume is sort of linearly proportional to the microwave power. The temperature of the torch flame was measured with an optical spectroscopy, analyzing the optical emissions of hydroxyl molecules ~309 nm. The plasma torch showed two distinctive regions: 1) a bright, whitish region of a high-temperature zone and a pair of) a reddish, dimmer region of a comparatively low-temperature zone. The utmost temperature during a microwave-driven region was measured to be ~6720 K. We have a tendency to additionally investigated the plasma temperatures at the axial distances of plasma torch column.

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