Diffusion Injection in a Buried Multiquantum Well Light-Emitting Diode Structure


Devices based on nanostructures hold great potential to improve the performance of present light emitter technologies. In this paper, we examine a buried multiquantum well III-nitride diffusion injected light-emitting diode (DILED), where the active region is located outside the p-n junction and current injection to the active region takes place through bipolar diffusion. We study the current–voltage behavior and light emission characteristics of the DILED as a function of temperature experimentally and theoretically. We show that in contrast to conventional LEDs, the light output efficiency of the DILED increases when temperature is increased from 0 °C to 100 °C. This anomalous temperature behavior is shown to be linked to the strong temperature dependency of ionized acceptor density in the p-doped region, which increases the hole diffusion current into the active region. This highlights the fundamental difference in the operating principle of the DILED compared with conventional LEDs. In addition to optical and electrical characterization of a DILED, we also study the relation of the observed yellow-band luminescence to Shockley–Read–Hall recombination, compare the measurements to charge carrier transport simulations, and present an equivalent circuit model of the DILED structure for additional insight into the new current injection scheme.

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