Material Selection for Minimizing Direct Tunneling in Nanowire Transistors


When the physical gate length is reduced to 5 nm, direct channel tunneling dominates the leakage current for each field-impact transistors (FETs) and tunnel FETs. Thus, a survey of materials in a very nanowire geometry is performed to work out their ability to suppress the direct tunnel current through a 5 nm barrier. The materials investigated are InAs, InSb, InP, GaAs, GaN, Si, Ge, and carbon nanotubes. The tunneling effective mass provides the simplest indication of the relative size of the tunnel currents when comparing 2 completely different materials of any kind. The indirect-gap materials, Si and Ge, give the biggest tunneling lots within the conduction band, and they give the tiniest conduction band tunnel currents at intervals the vary of diameters considered. Si offers rock bottom overall tunnel current for both the conduction and valence bands, and thus, it is the optimum choice for suppressing tunnel current at the 5 nm scale. A semianalytic approach to calculating tunnel current is demonstrated, which requires significantly less computation than a full-band numerical calculation.

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