Hole Mobility in Germanium as a Function of Substrate and Channel Orientation, Strain, Doping, and Temperature


We tend to present a comprehensive study of hole transport in germanium layers on “virtual” substrates using a full band Monte Carlo simulation approach, considering alternate “virtual” substrate and channel orientations and together with the impact of the corresponding biaxial strain, doping, and lattice temperature. The superior mobility in strained germanium channels with $langlebarhbox1 hbox10rangle$ orientation on a (a hundred and ten) “virtual” substrate is confirmed, and the factors leading to this enhancement are evaluated. The significant decrease in strain-and-orientation-induced mobility enhancement due to impurity scattering in doped material and at increasing lattice temperature is additionally demonstrated. Both factors confirm how efficiently the mobility enhancement interprets into transistor performance enhancement. Additionally, we tend to shine light on the question of that factor has stronger impact in mediating the increase in mobility due to strain—the breaking of degeneracy for the significant- and light-hole bands at the $Gamma$ point or the reduction within the density of states.

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