Amorphous In–Ga–Zn–O Dual-Gate TFTs: Current–Voltage Characteristics and Electrical Stress Instabilities


We have a tendency to studied the electrical characteristics and electrical stress instabilities of amorphous In–Ga–Zn–O ($a$-IGZO) dual-gate thin-film-transistors (DG TFTs). A threshold voltage of the underside-gate (BG)-driven $a$-IGZO DG TFTs showed a linear dependence on the high-gate (TG) voltage. The slope of this dependence is related to the ratio of the TG to BG insulator capacitance. The BG-driven DG TFT showed linear field-impact mobility resembling that of one-gate (SG) TFT without the TG electrode and a smaller saturation field-effect mobility and a larger subthreshold swing as compared to the SG TFT. These characteristics were explained by the BG-driven DG TFT model formulated by taking the TG bias effect into account. The TG interface showed worse stability under an electric bias stress in comparison to the BG interface. It was also found that a negative voltage applied to the TG improved the steadiness of the DG TFT beneath a continuing-current stress. These observations recommend that the BG-driven $a$-IGZO DG TFTs with the appropriate negative TG voltage applied can simultaneously show both normally off characteristics and better stability than the SG TFTs.

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