Optoelectronic Performance of Radial-Junction Si Nanopillar and Nanohole Solar Cells


Two typical radial-junction structures, Si nanopillars (SiNP) and nanoholes, were modeled and compared for solar cell applications. From the physical model using the transport equations, the output performances, e.g., short-circuit current density, open-circuit voltage, energy conversion potency, fill factor, etc., were simulated. A most potency of 21.0$%$ was predicted for Si nanoholes, demonstrating a superior performance of the radial-junction structure compared to SiNPs (fourteen.6 $p.c$). Additionally, the dependence of the conversion efficiency on varied structural parameters, e.g., substrate thickness, height, feature radius, junction depth, emitter doping concentration, along with back and front surface recombination velocities, etc., was investigated, providing a design principle for prime-efficiency radial-junction solar cells.

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