Study on Characteristics of Poly-Si TFTs With 3-D Finlike Channels Fabricated by Nanoimprint Technology


This study addresses the characteristics of polycrystalline-silicon thin-film transistors (poly-Si TFTs) with three-D finlike channels fabricated using ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography. The poly-Si three-D finlike channels with a line width/space ratio of regarding $sim$one : 1 were fabricated and studied by scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscopy. The poly-Si TFTs with 3-D finlike channels, fabricated using the nanoimprint technique, have superior performances compared to that with the single channel. Besides, the characteristics of poly-Si TFTs, such as the transfer characteristics, output drain current, transconductance, on/off current ratio, subthreshold swing, and field-effective mobility, with respect to the width/area/height of 3-D finlike structures were conjointly investigated. The proposed approach will be utilised to fabricated high-performance poly-Si TFTs or high-sensitivity biosensors at low price.

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