Transient Thermal Resistance Test of Single-Crystal-Silicon Solar Cell


This paper reports the measurement of the junction temperature and the determination of the thermal resistance of the single-crystal-silicon solar cell beneath the dark and illuminating conditions, respectively. Beneath the dark condition, the solar cell is considered as a standard p-n junction and is subject to a reverse current in order to measure its junction temperature and determine the thermal resistance. A white LED array is employed as the light supply to work the solar cell so as to avoid the heating impact of the infrared light-weight by the solar simulator. Furthermore, we have a tendency to thoroughly calculate the thermal dissipation power. The result demonstrates that the thermal resistance drops from to K/W with the increase of the irradiance from 89.6 to 194.3 $hboxW/m^2$. It's also found that the thermal resistance below the dark condition is much above that under the illuminating condition, which is attributed to the sunshine result on the thermal resistance.

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