String Current in Decananometer nand Flash Arrays: A Compact-Modeling Investigation


This paper presents an in depth compact-modeling investigation of the string current in decananometer nand Flash arrays. This investigation permits, first of all, to focus on the role of velocity saturation, low-field mobility, and drain-induced barrier lowering on the string current versus read voltage characteristics. Results are validated on a 41-nm technology for different positions of the selected cell along the nand string, totally different pass voltages, and completely different array background patterns. The effect of cycling on the string current is then investigated by suggests that of postcycling bake experiments, showing that the impact of charge trapping/detrapping and interface state generation/annealing varies as a operate of the browse current level. Compact-modeling results display that, at low scan currents, charge trapping/detrapping represents the main injury mechanism for the cells, while interface states return into play for scan currents shut to the string saturation level via mobility degradation.

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