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Compact Model of Impact Ionization in LDMOS Transistors

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Compact Model of Impact Ionization in LDMOS Transistors


This paper presents a compact model of impact ionization currents in lateral double-diffused MOS (LDMOS) transistors. Depending on bias conditions, impact ionization in LDMOS transistors primarily occurs either within the intrinsic MOSFET or in the drift region, resulting in a “double-hump” substrate current behavior and enhanced drain current when both $V_G$ and $V_D$ are high. Impact ionization within the drift region additionally causes the “growth” result, that is modeled by creating the drift region resistance a function of the impact ionization current in the identical region. The new model is verified by comparison with TCAD simulations and experimental knowledge. The interaction between the enlargement result and self-heating is additionally accurately captured by the model.

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Compact Model of Impact Ionization in LDMOS Transistors - 4.8 out of 5 based on 49 votes

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