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On the Spreading Resistance of Thin-Film Contacts

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On the Spreading Resistance of Thin-Film Contacts


The spreading resistance of a microscopic area of contact (the “$a$ -spot”) located during a skinny film is studied for each Cartesian and cylindrical geometries. The effect of film thickness $h$ on the spreading resistance is evaluated over a giant vary of facet ratios. Within the limit $h rightarrow hbox0$, the normalized thin-film spreading resistance $ overlineR_s$ converges to the finite values, i.e., 2.77 for the Cartesian case and zero.twenty eight for the cylindrical case. An interpretation of these limits is given. Extension to a general $a$-spot geometry is proposed.

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On the Spreading Resistance of Thin-Film Contacts - 4.9 out of 5 based on 37 votes

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