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Metal-to-Multilayer-Graphene Contact—Part II: Analysis of Contact Resistance

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Metal-to-Multilayer-Graphene Contact—Part II: Analysis of Contact Resistance


The parasitic contact resistance between metal electrodes and multilayer graphene (MLG) is studied, and the various parameters influencing the contact resistance are investigated. A theoretical model that was developed within the companion paper is applied to typical metal–MLG structures to review the characteristics of the contact. The contributions of all of the three major components of resistance—the top and edge contacts (aspect and finish contacts), the MLG sheet resistivity, and therefore the metal sheet resistivity—to the total resistance are studied. The results show that the total resistance of the metal–MLG contact reduces substantially with the incorporation of edge contacts as the quantity of graphene layers increases. The current crowding effects are studied with and without thought of the metal resistivity. Furthermore, the conditions where each of the three major resistance components becomes necessary are investigated. It is shown that the metal resistance will play an vital role in determining the whole resistance and current distribution in the contact. The developed model will be used in the characterization and in the design of efficient metal–MLG contact structures. It is shown that, because of the presence of edge contacts, the traditional methods of contact characterization cannot model the metal–MLG structure accurately.

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Metal-to-Multilayer-Graphene Contact—Part II: Analysis of Contact Resistance - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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