High-Temperature Performance of AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMT With Gate Insulator Fabricated on Si (111) Substrate


The dc operation of high-quality AlGaN/GaN metal–oxide–semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistors (MOSHEMTs) on Si (11one) substrates, fabricated using $hboxSiO_2$ because the gate insulator, is investigated for the first time as a function of ambient temperature $(T)$. $I$ –$V$ and $C$–$V$ characteristics of these depletion-mode devices are studied in the temperature range of 25–two hundred $^circhboxC$ , and also the results are compared to those of reference AlGaN/GaN HEMTs processed on the same wafer and of identical geometry. For devices with an eight-$muhboxm$ drain-to-supply separation and $hbox1 times hbox2.5 times hbox100 mu hboxm^2$ gate dimensions, the utmost output current density was concerning 730 mA/mm at $+$two V gate bias for both sorts of transistors. The thermal behavior of the MOSHEMTs on Si was found to resemble that of devices grown on sapphire and silicon carbide with the gate leakage current exhibiting a fast increase with $T$ but remaining below the degree seen in the reference HEMTs. The utmost drain current also showed a relatively smaller degradation at elevated temperatures as compared to previously printed knowledge.

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