Low-Frequency Diffusion Noise in Resistive-Switching Memories Based on Metal–Oxide Polymer Structure


Low-frequency noise is studied in resistive-switching memories based on metal–oxide polymer diodes. The noise spectral power follows a $hbox1/f^gamma$ behavior, with $gamma = hbox1$ within the ohmic region and with $gamma = hbox3/2$ at high bias beyond the ohmic region. The exponent $gamma = hbox3/2$ is explained as noise caused by Brownian motion or diffusion of defects which induce fluctuations in diode current. The figure of merit to classify $hbox1/f$ noise in thin films has an estimated price of $hbox10^-21 hboxcm^2/Omega$, which is typical for metals or doped semiconductors. This price in combination with the low diode current indicates that the $hbox1/f$ noise is generated within the narrow localized regions in the polymer between the contacts. The analysis unambiguously shows that this in bistable nonvolatile recollections is filamentary.

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