Theoretical Estimation of Electromigration in Metallic Carbon Nanotubes Considering Self-Heating Effect


During this paper, we estimate the answer of the electromigration diffusion equation (EMDE) in isotopically pure and impure metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) (SWCNTs) by considering self-heating. The EMDE for SWCNT has been solved not only by invoking the dependence of the electromigration flux on the same old applied static electric field across its 2 ends but also by considering a temperature-dependent thermal conductivity $(kappa)$ that ends up in a variable temperature distribution $(T)$ along its length due to self-heating. By changing its length and isotopic impurity, we tend to demonstrate that there occurs a important deviation within the SWCNT electromigration performance. But, if $kappa$ is assumed to be temperature freelance, the solution might lead to serious errors in performance estimation. We any exhibit a tradeoff between length and impurity impact on the performance toward electromigration. It's recommended that, to cut back the vacancy concentration in longer interconnects of few micrometers, one ought to choose an isotopically impure SWCNT at the cost of lower $kappa$, whereas for comparatively short interconnects, pure SWCNT should be used. This tradeoff presented here can be treated as a way for getting a fairly well estimation of the vacancy concentration and mean time to failure within the bundles of CNT-based interconnects.

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