Addressable Nanowire Field-Effect-Transistor Biosensors With Local Backgates


Direct electrical detection of the binding of antibody and antigen of avian influenza virus was demonstrated through a biosensor derived from a double-gate FinFET. A easy detection method was employed in which the charge result returning from the biomolecules was observed through the brink voltage $V_T$ shift. Thanks to the presence of a local backgate, the proposed device is individually addressable and therefore the operating voltage is markedly low compared with similar nanowire-kind biosensors. Furthermore, its distinctive structure permits for the channel to be immune to the noise from the biomolecules, that will be problematic for nanogap field-result-transistor biosensors. The proposed device is complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor compatible and highly reproducible, and monolithic integration with the readout circuits is achievable. Hence, this approach provides a step toward the massive-scale development of sensor chips for their potential use in medication and biotechnology.

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