Slow Detrapping Transients due to Gate and Drain Bias Stress in High Breakdown Voltage AlGaN/GaN HEMTs


Charge trapping and slow (from ten s to $>$ 1000 s) detrapping in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) designed for high breakdown voltages ( $>$ 1500 V) is studied through a combination of electrical, thermal, and optical strategies to spot the impact of Al molefraction and passivation on trapping. Trapping due to 5–ten V drain bias stress within the on-state $(V_gs = hbox0)$ is found to own considerably slower recovery, compared with trapping in the off-state $(V_gs < V_rm th, V_ds = hbox0)$. Two different trapping parts, i.e., TG1 $(E_a = hbox0.6 hboxeV)$ and TG2 (with negligible temperature dependence), in AlGaN dominate under gate bias stress within the off-state. $hboxAl_0.15 hboxGa_0.85hboxN$ shows much a lot of vulnerability to trapping below gate stress in the absence of passivation than does AlGaN with a better Al mole fraction. Under giant drain bias, trapping is dominated by a much deeper trap TD. Detrapping underneath monochromatic light-weight shows TD to own $E_a approx hbox1.65 hboxeV$. Carbon doping in the buffer is shown to introduce threshold voltage shifts, unlike any of the other traps.

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