Piecewise Linearization Technique for Compact Charge Modeling of Independent DG MOSFET


Charge linearization techniques have been used over the years in advanced compact models for bulk and double-gate MOSFETs in order to approximate the position along the channel as a quadratic perform of the surface potential (or inversion charge densities) thus that the terminal charges can be expressed as a compact closed-form operate of supply and drain end surface potentials (or inversion charge densities). During this paper, in case of the independent double-gate MOSFETs, we have a tendency to show that the same technique may be used to model the terminal charges quite accurately solely when the one-D Poisson resolution along the channel is fully hyperbolic in nature or the effective gate voltages are same. However, for alternative bias conditions, it results in vital error in terminal charge computation. We further demonstrate that the quantity of nonlinearity that prevails between the surface potentials along the channel truly dictates if the conventional charge linearization technique may be applied for a particular bias condition or not. Taking into consideration this nonlinearity, we have a tendency to propose a compact charge model, which is predicated on a unique piecewise linearization technique and shows excellent agreement with numerical and Technology Laptop-Aided Style (TCAD) simulations for all bias conditions and conjointly preserves the source/drain symmetry that is crucial for Radio Frequency (RF) circuit style. The model is implemented in a professional circuit simulator through Verilog-A, and simulation examples for various circuits verify smart model convergence.

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