Low-Temperature ZnO TFTs Fabricated by Reactive Sputtering of Metallic Zinc Target


An occasional-temperature metallic-zinc-target reactive sputtering technology is employed to fabricate a ZnO skinny-film transistor (TFT). The impact of the $hboxO_2/hboxAr$ flow rate ratio on the performance of the resulting TFTs is investigated intimately. It is found that an $hboxO_2/hboxAr$ ratio of 0.75–0.eight produces devices with the most effective performance. The most processing temperature employed in this brief is a hundred and fifty $^circhboxC$, and the fabricated TFTs have a saturation mobility of 7.4 $hboxcm^2/(hboxVcdot hboxs)$, an on–off current ratio of a lot of than $hbox1 times hbox10^7$, and a subthreshold swing of 0.58 V/dec. Experimental results additionally show that using $hboxSiO_x$ as gate dielectric rather than $hboxSiN_x$ can improve both carrier mobility and subthreshold.

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