A Vertical Power MOSFET With an Interdigitated Drift Region Using High- Insulator


A vertical power MOSFET with an interdigitated drift region using high-$k$ (Hk) insulator (Hk-MOSFET) is studied. Because of the very fact that almost all of the electric displacement lines made by the costs of the depleted drift region underneath reverse bias are through the Hk insulator, abundant heavier doping concentration can be utilized in the drift region when comparing with a conventional MOSFET with the same breakdown voltage. It is shown that the precise on-resistance of the Hk-MOSFET is such as that of the superjunction MOSFET (SJ-MOSFET) with the same breakdown voltage. The turn-on and turn-off times are found to be little longer than those of the standard MOSFET and also the SJ-MOSFET. The theoretical results of the electrical characteristics are in sensible agreement with the results from numerical simulations.

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