Nanowire FET Biosensors on a Bulk Silicon Substrate


A biosensor based mostly on a nanowire field-result transistor is demonstrated on a bulk silicon wafer for low-value applications. The silicon nanowire is fabricated employing a easy reactive-ion etching technique called the Bosch process. The sensor operation of the fabricated device is confirmed as a proof of concept by detecting the negatively and absolutely charged polymers on the nanowire surface in real time. The drain current of the device is clearly modulated by the charge polarity of the polymers. Additionally, the specific binding of the antigen and therefore the antibody for avian influenza is also detected by a real-time label-free electrical technique for practical applications. Control experiments support that a charged species solely on the nanowire surface ends up in a important amendment in the drain current of the sensor. The proposed approach in bulk nanowire biosensors paves the method for the appliance of complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor technology for low-cost and miniaturized biosensors while not external transducers; this approach is engaging in disposable and portable applications.

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