On the Enhancement of the Drain Current in Indium-Rich InGaAs Surface-Channel MOSFETs


The effects of interface-trap states $(D_{rm it})$ and the shift of the charge neutrality level (CNL) on the enhancement of the drain current in In-rich surface-channel enhancement-mode n-type InGaAs MOSFETs are investigated. In addition to the increase in the bulk mobility, the shift of the CNL toward the conduction band together with high densities of $D_{rm it}$ is responsible for the experimentally observed remarkable enhancement of the on-state drain current with increasing In content in the channel. However, when $D_{rm it}$ is low, current enhancement is weak, and the location of the CNL has little effect on the current enhancement. Acceptor-type interface-trap states above the conduction-band minima (CBM) play an important role in determining the inversion-layer electron mobility. Representing $D_{rm it}$ distribution above the CBM by a constant equal to the $D_{rm it}$ value at the CNL causes an overestimation of the drain current at higher gate voltages. It is also observed that the extraction of $D_{rm it}$ from the low-frequency gate $C$–$V$ data is independent of the location of the CNL. We further show that the subthreshold slope (SS) is doubled due to $D_{rm it}$. However, the location of the CNL or the magnitude of $D_{rm it}$ above the CBM has little effect on the SS.

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