Improvements in Efficiency of Surface Potential Computation for Independent DG MOSFET


A robust numerical solution of the input voltage equations (IVEs) for the independent-double-gate metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor requires root bracketing methods (RBMs) instead of the commonly used Newton–Raphson (NR) technique due to the presence of nonremovable discontinuity and singularity. In this brief, we do an exhaustive study of the different RBMs available in the literature and propose a single derivative-free RBM that could be applied to both trigonometric and hyperbolic IVEs and offers faster convergence than the earlier proposed hybrid NR–Ridders algorithm. We also propose some adjustments to the solution space for the trigonometric IVE that leads to a further reduction of the computation time. The improvement of computational efficiency is demonstrated to be about 60% for trigonometric IVE and about 15% for hyperbolic IVE, by implementing the proposed algorithm in a commercial circuit simulator through the Verilog-A interface and simulating a variety of circuit blocks such as ring oscillator, ripple adder, and twisted ring counter.

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