Contact Technology for Strained nFinFETs With Silicon–Carbon Source/Drain Stressors Featuring Sulfur Implant and Segregation


In this work, strained n-channel FinFETs (nFinFETs) with silicon–carbon (Si:C) source/drain (S/D) stressors featuring NiSi:C contacts with segregated sulfur at the NiSi:C/Si:C interface are investigated in detail. The physical mechanism for the reduction in an effective Schottky barrier for electrons $Phi_{B}^{n}$ due to presilicide sulfur ion implant and segregation is examined. The presence of sulfur near the NiSi:C/Si:C interface and its behavior as charged donor-like trap states was used to explain the enhancement of electron tunneling across the contact and the reduction in $Phi_{B}^{n}$ down to 110 meV. New analysis using numerical simulation is presented. The results indicate that the presence of charged states near the interface plays a role in achieving low $Phi_{B}^{n}$. When the S-segregated NiSi:C contact was integrated in strained nFinFETs with Si:C S/D stressors, external series resistance is reduced, and the drive current is improved. The dependence of the drive current on fin width and gate length is also studied.

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