Switching Behavior in Rare-Earth Films Fabricated in Full Room Temperature


In this paper, we investigated the forming-free resistive-switching (RS) behavior in the $hbox{Ru/REO}_{x}/hbox{TaN}$ ($hbox{RE} =break hbox{Ce}$, Pr, Sm, and Eu) memory device using $hbox{CeO}_{x}$, $ hbox{PrO}_{x}$, $hbox{SmO}_{x}$, and $hbox{EuO}_{x}$ thin films fabricated in a full-room-temperature process. The dominant conduction mechanism of $hbox{Ru/REO}_{x}hbox{/} hbox{TaN}$ memory devices in the low-resistance state is ohmic behavior, whereas the high-resistance state is space-charge-limited conduction. The $hbox{Ru/CeO}_{x} hbox{/}hbox{TaN}$ devices show a high resistance ratio of $> hbox{10}^{4}$, reliable data retention for $hbox{10}^{5} hbox{s}$, and stable endurance characteristics for up to 1000 cycles. This result suggests the high concentration of the cerium ions and the low density of chemical defects (oxygen vacancies) in the $hbox{CeO}_{x}$ film. The $ hbox{Ru/CeO}_{x}hbox{/}hbox{TaN}$ structure memory is a very promising candidate for future nonvolatile RS memory applications.

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