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Analysis and Mitigation of NoSQL Injections

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Analysis and Mitigation of NoSQL Injections


NoSQL knowledge storage systems became very widespread because of their scalability and ease of use. Unfortunately, they lack the protection measures and awareness that are needed for data protection. Though the new information models and query formats of NoSQL data stores make old attacks such as SQL injections irrelevant, they provide attackers new opportunities for injecting their malicious code into the statements passed to the database. Analysis of the techniques for injecting malicious code into NoSQL information stores provides examples of latest NoSQL injections furthermore Cross-Web site Request Forgery attacks, allowing attackers to bypass perimeter defenses like firewalls. Analysis of the source of these vulnerabilities and gift methodologies can mitigate such attacks. Because code analysis alone is insufficient to stop attacks in nowadays's typical large-scale deployment, bound mitigations should be done throughout the whole software life cycle.

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Analysis and Mitigation of NoSQL Injections - 4.9 out of 5 based on 15 votes

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