AlN Barriers for Capacitance Reduction in Phase-Change RF Switches


We demonstrate four-terminal GeTe-based RF switches with independent thermal actuation (switching). These devices incorporate an AlN-based mostly dielectric separating high-conductivity W micro-heaters from the RF signal path. With dc, pulsed, and RF testing, we tend to show that an AlN barrier decreases the switch parasitic capacitance with minimal increases in the switching power. Decoupling these style variables, with the high thermal conductivity of the AlN, makes it doable to increase the electrical separation with a thicker AlN film for lower parasitic capacitance with minimal decrease in desirable thermal coupling. Increasing the AlN thickness from 105 to a hundred and seventy nm results in switches with an improvement in cutoff frequency, $f_mathrm CO$ from five.3 to eight THz, a $C_mathrmscriptscriptstyle OFF$ improvement from 15 to 10 fF, whereas maintaining the $R_mathrmscriptscriptstyle ON$ at a pair of $Omega $ . This improvement was amid normalized minimum power to amorphize increases of only fourteen% (from one.five to 1.7 W) for a one hundred-ns heater pulse.

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