Compact Dual-Port Polarization-Reconfigurable Antenna With High Isolations for MIMO Application


This letter proposes the design of a twin-port microstrip patch antenna with polarization reconfigurability features. The reconfigurability is realized through the modification of the feed network. The antenna consists of a circular-formed patch on the higher substrate as a radiating element, and a coplanar-waveguide (CPW) slotline transmission located in the bottom plane. To get a smart impedance matching, the CPW slotline is terminated with a tapered impedance transformer. Dual ports are created by utilizing the CPW feeding structure and also the odd and even feedline modes of the CPW. Four p-i-n diodes are used as switches to change the flow of the current. The p-i-n diodes are placed on the CPW transmission slotline interjunction. Consequently, the excited polarization will be altered and determined, relying on the switch configurations. This antenna demonstrates smart port-to-port isolation and a compact structure and is appropriate to be used in systems that operate in a very wireless local area network (WLAN) frequency band.

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