Design of a Tunable Low-Frequency and Broadband Radar Absorber Based on Active Frequency Selective Surface


During this letter, we report on the look, fabrication, measurement, and analysis of a tunable low-frequency and broadband radar absorber applied in the frequency range of 1-12 GHz. Numerical simulations indicate that absorbers primarily based on the resistor-loaded frequency selective surface (FSS) can be resistively tuned to present a broadband absorption of exceeding -10 dB between one and 12 GHz. Moreover, superior absorbing performance can be achieved by introducing capacitance paralleled with resistance. Measurement results show that the radar absorber, by way of configuration with active FSS (AFSS) controlled by p-i-n diodes, will be tuned to produce a continuously variable reflectivity level of less than -10 dB from a pair of to 11.three GHz with varied bias voltages. Furthermore, experimental results have smart agreement with simulations.

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