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The ISoS Modeling Framework for Infrastructure Systems Simulation

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The ISoS Modeling Framework for Infrastructure Systems Simulation


Strategic infrastructure style considers long-term and cross-sector objectives to meet societal wants. Designers depend on tools to mitigate limits on human perception and manage complex systems with high-performance necessities. This paper defines the infrastructure system-of-systems modeling framework for heterogeneous simulation models. It formally defines structural and behavioral templates and an interoperability interface using algebraic statements. Infrastructure parts are graph edges, which express functions via operational states. An interoperability interface defines necessities for resource exchanges across system model boundaries. An example application case demonstrates a model instance with eighteen infrastructure parts in water, petroleum, electricity, and social system models. Results show flow validity constraint violations arise from acyclic and cyclic dependencies between models. Increasing the amount of iterations per time step or shortening the time step reduces error at the value of execution time.

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The ISoS Modeling Framework for Infrastructure Systems Simulation - 4.6 out of 5 based on 54 votes

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