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Generalizations of OWA Operators

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Generalizations of OWA Operators


Overtaking manoeuvre is a key issue for two-lane rural roads. These roads ought to provide sufficient overtaking sight distance (OSD) at sure locations to allow faster vehicles to pass slower ones. But, overtaking requires occupying the opposing lane, that represents a serious safety concern. Severity of overtaking connected crashes is very high, compared with other manoeuvres. The development of advanced driver help systems (ADAS) for overtaking is being a advanced task. Only few systems are developed, but are not still in use. This analysis incorporated correct information of real manoeuvres to boost the data of the phenomenon. The trajectory of the overtaking vehicles on the left lane was observed. An instrumented vehicle measured the overtaking time and distance, the abreast position, and also the initial and final speed of one hundred eighty drivers that passed it throughout a field experiment. Six totally different kinematic models (like uniform acceleration or linear variation of acceleration) were calibrated. Usually, drivers started to accelerate before changing to the opposing lane. These models might be applied to ADAS, to estimate OSD and to improve microsimulation models.

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