Al Ga1–xN/GaN MISHEMTs With a Common Gold-Free Metal-Stack for Source/Drain/Gate


A low-temperature fabrication of Al Ga1–xN/GaN MISHEMTs on a two hundred-mm GaN-on-Si substrate employing a common metal stack (Ti/Al/NiV) for concurrent supply, drain, and gate formation is demonstrated. An ohmic contact resistance of zero.8 -mm and a selected contact resistivity of -cm2 are achieved at an annealing temperature of 500 °C. The fabricated MISHEMTs have wonderful electrical characteristics: an ratio of 9 decades (due to subnanoampere off-state leakage current up to a −15 V gate bias), and a subthreshold swing of 80 mV/decade (by virtue of a comparatively low Al0.23Ga0.77N/GaN interface-entice density on the order of cm eV ). The demonstrated approach is thus a promising different toward the gold-free GaN-on-Si integration.

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