Advantages of Electrostatic Spring Hardening in Biomimetic Hair Flow Sensors


We report on a totally adaptable flow sensor with adjustable detection limit, responsivity, range, and bandwidth by addition of electrostatic spring hardening (ESH) to our previously developed microelectromechanical systems hair flow sensors. The sensor's mechanical transfer shows giant voltage-controlled electromechanically affected responsivity for frequencies below the sensor's resonance. Using capacitive readout, a bias voltage-controlled sensory threshold is obtained, giving a threefold tunable ac-airflow detection threshold (right down to zero.3 mms-1). The mechanism of spring control conjointly extends to dc-flows, as shown for the first time; electrostatic spring hardening permits to increase the dc-flow measurement range by almost a factor a pair of, up to regarding 5 ms-1. Furthermore, the application of ESH is demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally for nonresonant parametric amplification (NRPA) by achieving suppression of residual frequency parts at the value of overall gain. In addition, we show that ESH allows to increase selective gain and tunable filtering by NRPA to a larger vary of flow frequencies.

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