Locally non-uniform oxidation in self-terminating thermal oxidation assisted wet etching technique for AlGaN/GaN heterostructure


The oxidation mechanism in self-terminating wet etching technique with thermal oxidation of AlGaN layer followed by etching in KOH resolution is investigated. Spike-shape remnants of oxidised AlGaN are observed at the initial stage of wet etching in KOH resolution, which may be completely etched away after enough etching time. Transmission electron microscope/energy dispersive spectroscopy analysis indicates the existence of crystalline AlGaN within the remnants. Finally, a attainable explanation is given that the oxide channels from AlGaN surface towards AlGaN/GaN interface generated throughout thermal oxidation are firstly etched away at the initial stage of KOH wet etching, then after enough time these remnants with non-c axis crystal orientation surfaces exposed to KOH resolution may be fully etched away leaving GaN layer beneath unaffected, that realises self-terminating etching.

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