Elimination of Spurious Modes in SH0 Lithium Niobate Laterally Vibrating Resonators


This letter reports on a spurious mode suppression technique for the shear horizontal (SH0) mode lithium niobate laterally vibrating resonators. The concept utilizes triangular and arched edge shapes on the transversal sides of a resonant cavity to effectively distribute and scatter the acoustic waves within the inactive regions, yielding the suppression of transverse spurious modes. 2D models and 3D finite-component analyses were utilized to theoretically verify the technique. For devices with the archedshape edges, complete removal of upper order transverse modes has been experimentally demonstrated with two× enhancement for quality issue (Q). The Q enhancement arises from the improved concentration of mechanical energy beneath the inter-digitated transducers. The fabricated device exhibits a Q of 920, a giant electromechanical coupling (kt2 ) of 17.eight%, and a figure of merit of 164.

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